The Wyatt Wrigth Show

If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment. Thou shalt not ration Justice. Justice Learned Hand, 1951

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Welcome to The Wyatt Wright Show. This show is about your rights and the laws that govern us. Rights you’ve heard of and care about, and would certainly miss if they were gone. Every year more and more personal rights are erased from the books without us knowing it. While we are busying ourselves with life, the metaphorical water temperature is rising all around us—like the frog who gets boiled without ever knowing it.

On this show we discuss legal issues that affect you and me…the average people of our great country. We take hard looks at the laws that affect your freedom, your ability to access the courts, to vote, to speak freely, or in short—to live the American dream.

For example, our right to a jury trial is one of the most endangered of our Constitutional rights. So too is maintaining the legitimacy of our representative elections. Importantly, these are uniquely sacred because they function as the safety nets for all of our other rights, freedoms and liberties. Our second President, John Adams, must have agreed because it was he who said, “Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty.”

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