Conspiracy About My Electrical System

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Conspiracy Afoot: Right, Like My Electrical System is Really Overloaded My home was built in 1928. Somewhere along the line it had electrical installed. The service panels are small, but what do I care. I noticed recently that when my oven was on, and both my daughters were using the blow dryer, and I was arc-welding all at the same time that the breakers would blow. I had an electrician come over and his report was that the wiring in my home was installed in the 1950’s and was not designed to handle such large loads at one time. He said that...

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Gay Marriage is Not an Attack on Religion

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Another Letter to My Daughters: Gay Marriage is Not an Attack on Religion July 3, 2015 Dear Kids: Gay marriage and homosexual behavior are not choices I would make for myself.  Frankly, I don’t see the appeal.  But I also do not see the appeal in clog dancing, pickles, cauliflower, menudo, sky diving, tube socks, or scary movies.  It is fair to say, though, that there are others to whom all these things do appeal.  There is no right or wrong, there is merely personal appeal which should be zealously guarded in the name of individual freedom....

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Humble Response to the “No Evidence that Fracking Fluid is Harmful” Crowd

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Consider the following:  a man complains that his drinking water smells like oil and the fumes coming from his faucet can literally be lit on fire.  As soon as it is reported, the disapprovers come out of the woodwork with several fallacious and immaterial statements.  Has common sense really taken a sabbatical in the United States?  Okay, I am not going to argue the science, because people who live their lives “inside the bubble” aren’t impressed with science.  Instead, let’s boil it down to nothing more than good ole fashioned common sense....

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When Did Politics Become a Measure of Character?

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One headline described how an Arizona gun store owner posted a sign saying that those who voted for President Obama are “Not Welcome” in his store. SEE IT HERE! While another headline, also from Arizona, told of a woman who ran over her husband with a car because he didn’t vote for Romney. Ouch! SEE IT HERE! Have you noticed that politics has really become personal in the last decade? Amazingly, it is now a badge of honor for many to wave the flag of their party while castigating their very neighbors for wearing the Scarlet Letter of the...

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Start Rowing, Dammit!

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So the election is over and the Democrats hold two-thirds of the legislative making process (the Presidency and the Senate), and the Republicans hold one-third (the House of Representatives). But don’t worry, the House Republicans won’t let a little thing like a national referendum on policy get in the way of protecting the right of billionaires to make even more while paying less in taxes. Oh no. The popular vote for the President and his very clear platform to raise taxes on the uber-wealthy doesn’t count. Rather than getting in line and...

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Beware the Generic Drug…Again

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A year ago on this show (November 27, 2011) we focused on the legal dangers of generic drugs after the US Supreme Court’s absurd ruling which gave absolute immunity to the manufacturers of dangerous generic drugs. The basis of the court’s decision was that generic drug manufacturers are only copying the dangerous brand name drug. How about giving immunity to serial killers as long as they are only copying the work of a previous serial killer? Pretty absurd. This ruling makes about as much sense as investing in Arizona coastal real estate. But...

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Frankenstorm Sandy vs. Mitt the Romster

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Time and time again Mitt Romney has professed his vision to get the federal government out of state business. What is state business? Well, virtually everything, according to his campaign. At the top of Mr. Romney’s list of programs that need to go are federal assistance programs—including FEMA, the federal agency that oversees the cleanup and mitigation of damages caused by natural (and unnatural) disasters. So, let me pretend for a moment that I have a WWRD bumper sticker on my car and ask the tough question: What Would Romney Do if he were...

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If Vicious Crimes are the Will of God—Who are We to Argue?

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Indiana candidate for the U.S. Senate Richard Mourdock (Republican) is a brilliant man. At a debate Tuesday night, candidate Mourdock said that women who get pregnant from being raped have no right to consider an abortion because it was “…something that God intended to happen.” Never mind that criminalizing abortion would violate every rational notion of freedom, vis-à-vis establishment of religion and rights to privacy. Hmm, makes sense. In fact, I wonder if we should even punish the rapist? The rapist must have been compelled to do...

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More Election Shenanigans in Texas!

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Not long ago the federal courts ruled that Texas could not use its discriminatory Voter ID plan to keep Texans from the polls. But that hasn’t stopped Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade (appointed by Republican Governor Rick Perry) from making it harder to find a polling place. In fact, a visitor to the state’s website will find that they are REQUIRED to enter either their Voter Registration number, their driver license number, or their name on the registration rolls…JUST TO FIND OUT WHERE THE POLLING LOCATIONS ARE!  How...

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The Wait is Over—Super PACS are on the Loose!

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Last year on the Wyatt Wright Show we covered the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC which opened the floodgates allowing unlimited amounts of money to flow in support of a candidate for office.  The ruling struck down a federal law limiting amounts and requiring disclosure of who was behind the money. But the ruling basically said the corporations (and the Super PACS) have the same “Free Speech” rights that humans have and that spending their money is protected speech.  While the ruling does not allow these Super PACS to...

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