Conspiracy About My Electrical System

Posted on August 6, 2015

Conspiracy Afoot: Right, Like My Electrical System is Really Overloaded

My home was built in 1928. Somewhere along the line it had electrical installed. The service panels are small, but what do I care. I noticed recently that when my oven was on, and both my daughters were using the blow dryer, and I was arc-welding all at the same time that the breakers would blow. I had an electrician come over and his report was that the wiring in my home was installed in the 1950’s and was not designed to handle such large loads at one time. He said that the whole house was heating up from the inside out when such large draws of current were made on the system. In fact, the panel got hot to the touch during such usage. He said that if I did not change the way I used electricity in my home that it would eventually catch fire and burn to the ground. Yeah right! What is this guy’s problem, what is his agenda? I suppose he just wants the job of re-wiring my home. But I’m no fool. I called a second, then a third, then a fourth, and finally a fifth electrician who each came to examine my house. What the heck is up? Is there some database somewhere that collects these idiots’ opinions and this is what guides them to all report the same? They are probably in a union that gets a split for each dollar they make. Each of these guys said that they were sure they were right, but for the simple price to pay of not using all my electrical devices at once I could have the comfort that my house would not burn down. They said it is a “small price to pay for safety.” Horse manure—my house is fine, dammit! And by the way, this is America—I should be able to do what I want, when I what, to hell with the so-called consequences made up by quacks with an agenda! So I called up a guy I know who knows what a plug looks like and he said his brother-in-law used to work for an electrician. The guy called me and I explained the nonsense I had been told by those five previous quacks. I told him that I wanted a report that said my house was fine and which also said that I could use whatever amount of electricity I wanted to, anytime I wanted. After some negotiation we agreed on a price. For only $500 I got the report. Ah ha! See, I knew those previous electricians were nothing but quacks, after all, I got a report! Now I don’t have to worry about the house burning down. Oh, and about that climate change nonsense…don’t even get me started!

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