More Election Shenanigans in Texas!

Posted on October 24, 2012

Not long ago the federal courts ruled that Texas could not use its discriminatory Voter ID plan to keep Texans from the polls. But that hasn’t stopped Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade (appointed by Republican Governor Rick Perry) from making it harder to find a polling place.

In fact, a visitor to the state’s website will find that they are REQUIRED to enter either their Voter Registration number, their driver license number, or their name on the registration rolls…JUST TO FIND OUT WHERE THE POLLING LOCATIONS ARE!  How sinister is that? So, Texas can’t require such ID to vote…but they can require it to tell you where to go vote? That is crooked all day long.

To make matters worse, I am told that just two days ago the Secretary of State’s website allowed such searches merely by entering an address (to find the closest poll to your location).  No other information was required.  So why now?  What changed to justify this extra hurdle?

And by the way, what happened to open government?  I should be able to know the locations of polling places whether or not I intend to vote, or whether or not I am even registered.  Or what if I am registered, but the computer can’t find me?  Can I not know where to appear to contest the situation?

Texas, unfortunately you remain under attack by those who want to do their perverse will upon you…

Here is the website at issue:

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