Start Rowing, Dammit!

Posted on November 17, 2012

So the election is over and the Democrats hold two-thirds of the legislative making process (the Presidency and the Senate), and the Republicans hold one-third (the House of Representatives).

But don’t worry, the House Republicans won’t let a little thing like a national referendum on policy get in the way of protecting the right of billionaires to make even more while paying less in taxes. Oh no. The popular vote for the President and his very clear platform to raise taxes on the uber-wealthy doesn’t count. Rather than getting in line and gearing up to do America’s business, Republican leaders are already forming an obstructionist platform to hurt every American and point the finger at the Democrats. Just listen to Mitch McConnell who said that the burden is now on the President to submit legislation that will pass in the House of Representatives. How ridiculous! The message from America’s voters was to grease the gears to get this country moving again, not find new ways to throw a pipe wrench into the works. News flash: Being an obstructionist doesn’t work for anybody. Such cry-baby tactics are despicable. Former first lady Barbara Bush said it best. “They won. Get over it.”

Right now we need all of Congress on deck to help row this nation to stability. And those who would rather pout with their arms crossed while the other 2/3rds of the Congress put their backs into the oars should be ashamed of themselves. Our nation deserves better.

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